Hightech made in Germany!


The ScubaForce X-Heat heating system was developed for the special requirements of technical diving.

The suit is made of lightweight, elastic, washable and highly breathable Power Fleece material which keeps the 100% waterproof welded heat pads in perfect position.

All plug connections and feedthroughs are waterproof in accordance with IP68 protection. This makes it possible to use the heating vest even with a flooded suit.

With woven silver threads the X-Heat heating pads offer maximum mobility and “breakage resistance.” With a maximum heating temperature of 44°C, the heating pads ensure a pleasant warmth during cold or long dives. 

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The X-Heat Suit is a single-layer suit, made of Power Fleece material. The material is bi-elastic and offers all the features you would expect from the high-quality functional material.

The top and pants have a wide overlap area to provide an optimum fit and comfort.

Both the front and back areas have heated pad pockets which are closed by a zipper. The heating pads can be easily removed from the suit making X-Heat suit washable.

scubaforce x-heat system
ScubaForce X-Heat System – Catalog Page 16-17